Introduction: Recycle Old Jeans Into a Wrench Set Case

No I said wrench, not wench, I can't imagine one wench let alone a whole set of them.  Anyway I have many pseudo reliable vehicles which requires me to carry tools around.  I also have spent some time unexpectedly working on my vehicles when I was poorly dressed for the occasion, this can reek havoc on pants.  So I thought I would take life's lemons and make lemonade. (Not literally, that would be another instructable).
To help organize my wrenches, because transporting wrenches in the plastic holder thingy that comes with them usually ends up with a broken wrench holder, I made a roll-up wrench holder from an old beat up pair of jeans.

Step 1: Things You Need

1) An old pair of jeans (or at least jeans you don't mind cutting up, I'm a bit too modest to keep wearing these)
2) Scissors
3) A sewing machine or other form of fixing two pieces of fabric together
4) A ruler or measuring tape (optional)
5) Wrenches (optional, I guess you could leave it empty or put screw drivers in it)
6) Sharpie or some way to write on the jeans 

Step 2: Snip Snip

Now its time to cut.
Cut off one of the pant legs at the crotch level
Cut up the side of the pant leg

I cut along the seam of the pants, so I would have at least one hemmed edge

Step 3: Fold and Layout

Fold the pant leg lengthwise, but not in half.  The top layer should be shorter than the bottom layer.

Then mark every two inches so you know where to stitch the pouches.

Step 4: Sew Its Come to This!

Now sew through both layers of fabric to create pouches everywhere you marked and at each edge

Step 5: A Little More Cutting

Cut a 1 inch wide band of pant leg and cut it at one seam to make a long strip.

Step 6: Almost Done

Now sew the center of the strip to one end of the tool roll.  This serves as a tie for when the wrench case is rolled up

Step 7: Thats It!

Now fill it with tools, roll it up and tie it. 

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