Introduction: Recycle Your Jeans: Make Your Own Jean Skirt

Take old jeans and make them new!

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you'll need:

A seam ripper or knife
Thread (any color will do, but the color of the fabric is best)
A pair of old jeans!!!
embellishments (optional)

Sorry the pictures suck! I took them with my phone camera.

Step 2: Ripping the Seam

It's time to rip the seam on the inner pant legs. This step is pretty easy, just make sure not to rip the fabric. Rip all through the side of the leg and crotch area. Don't poke your finger, It can HURT! :)

Step 3: Shortening the Jeans. (Optional)

This is where the scissors come in. You should now decide what length you want your skirt. Once you've chosen the length, turn the pants inside out, take a ruler and draw a level line to show where to cut. If you want you can leave it at its current length.

Step 4: Adding Material (Optional)

If you want you can sew in extra material. Any will do as long as it's the right length and width. After you've ripped the seam, the space between the pant legs is in a triangular shape. Cut a little extra on the width (of the extra material) so there's room for you to sew it on to the denim. You could do the same on the back, or make a slit, (Step 5)

Step 5: Inserting the Slit (Optional)

How long do ya want your slit to be??? Start sewing at the top of the leg and finish the stitch when you've come to the place you want your slit to start. Obviously, do NOT sew this bottom part together. take each side, fold a little material over to make a nice, strong seam, and sew each side individually. Simple.

Step 6: Sew! :)

Cut the thread, thread the needle, tie the not, and sew! If you want to add extra fabric, see step four. Make sure your stitches are small, neat, and slightly spaced apart. Be sure to remember to tie a not at the end. If you don't know how to sew see How to Sew by Jessyratfink.

Step 7: Embelish!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd write optional, but who wants boring jeans??? I don't. Splatter some paint, get some iron ons, whatever. Just have FUN! :) :) :)

Step 8: Be Proud of Your Work, You're Done!!! :)

WOOOHOO. Showcase your work! :) (Sorry I couldn't get a picture of the finished skirt, my idiot bro stole my phone!)

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