Introduction: RecycleBus - the Idea

Why doesn't every community recycle?

One of the reasons is cost of:





In rural America - small towns can't always afford the start up capitol it takes to get a recycling program off the ground.

The easier it is to recycle - the more apt people are to do it.

Curb -side recycling and community trailers make recycling easier.

Why not re-use a vehicle that we once trusted to take our children to school - to now recover our cans, plastics and paper.

Step 1: An Oversimplified Recipe

Take one yellow school bus

Remove seats

Reinforce frame on passenger side

Cut 3 bays on the passenger side

Create some kind of dividing walls to separate - plastics - metal - paper

Convert side wall to swinging doors

Paint recycle green - add logo

Pick up cans - plastic - paper

Your design depends on your vehicle and your needs.

Step 2: Why a RecycleBus Instructable - Why

The community I live in voted to start curbside recycling this year. It made sense to me that the recovery vehicle did not need to be an expensive piece of equipment.

Org accounts were cheap this month

This web site is to encourage:

communities to start a recycling program with a small start up cost.

communities to "piggy-back" onto towns with existing recycling programs.

entrepreneurs to start their own recycling business.

Step 3: To Recycle

Basic recycling needs:

Recovery Vehicle


Storage Area

Ab outlet for the recyclables - Vendor

Step 4: The Basics of a Recycling Program Are:

A way to pickup or receive recyclables

A way to store recyclables

A way to deliver the recyclables to a vendor

Step 5: Conceivably the RecycleBus Could Perform All Three Basics

In the small town of Recycleville the RecycleBus sits next to a common area (diner, bar or grocery) Monday through Thursday

Friday morning - a driver and a thrower walk the town gathering curbside

If the RecycleBus is not full - It is parked back at the common place in town

If the RecycleBus is full - it is driven 15 miles to BigCity's recycling center



Parked back in Recycleville's common area

Step 6: Advantages of RecycleBus

School Buses are common to every community.
They have had regular maintenance.
Every town has a bus mechanic or local service.
Recyclable recovery is about cubic space not weight.
Cost - Free to $2000.
True to the idea of recycling and re-using.
When it fails - there are more to convert.
The RecycleBus can double as a recycling point - placed near dorms, schools and grocery stores to allow those without curbside to recycle.
The first community in an area that embraces the idea - could become the pilot program (i.e. grants).
Recyclables are sold like commodities - prices rise and fall - done right a recycling program can support itself .

Step 7: Disadvantages of RecycleBus

Looks used - unprofessional
Maintenance on a used vehicle
Maneuverability of a large bus

Step 8: Disadvantages of Using RecycleBus Like a Recycling Trailer

You need to maintain liability auto insurance
Steps may be needed to hoist recyclables into the bus

Step 9: Over Complicate Your RecycleBus

Use recycled BioDiesel from your community
Building the RecycleBus as a High School shop project
Building the RecycleBus becomes a prison services project
Running the RecycleBus as a group project - Boy Scouts - Church - School Class - 4H
At the end of Fall have a weekend where you pickup bags of leaves curb side for a small fee - send to nearest composter
The week after Christmas - Pick up Christmas trees curbside for a small fee - send to nearest animal habitat

Step 10: Conclusions

We all need to start recycling and reusing
The recycling business can be profitable - mining consumer waste
In nature there is no waste - the refuse of one animal is used by another
Recycling isn't hard - it is as simple as another garbage can in the house
A RecycleBus in your community is a good start