Introduction: Recycled Bag Turned Into Crop Top

I was wondering how to make a cute, easy crop top made from a reusable material that is easy to manipulate and easy to work with. I was trying to know how to create a shirt without having to sew because I do not how.

The main ideas

  • easy to make
  • Can easily be made into a different style
  • No sewing

I realized I have an excess of grocery store bags and that they are easy to melt, I don't have many accessible items that could be used for the hems, so i thought of using my hair straightener since it works like and iron and can melt it with out a lot of effort.


Needed supplies

  • 1 bag, (the thick reusable ones)
  • scissors
  • Hair straightener or Iron

Optional supplies

  • Markers for design if wanted
  • A tape measure if unsure of size

Step 1: Creating the Base to the Shirt

From the top of the edge of the bag, go down 4 inches and cut a line straight across both sides of the bag. Proceed to cut the bottom so there isn't a bottom and only the sides of the bag are connected. Lay the bag flat to the surface you're using and cut the bag in half but only on one side to create the base of the whole shirt. Then turn the flat piece of plastic so its horizontal, then cut from the middle of each side to the seam of the bag.

Step 2: Creating the Form

Folding over the shorter side, use the straightener and gently clamp it on and off to melt it together but not burn it. Then fold it back over and cut the shorter side in half.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Cut the an elongated triangle shapes using the squares that were cut out in the beginning. Pinch a small piece at the bottom and melt it together so it could round it out to fit to the chest. Shape the top piece however wanted by pinching sides together and melting it to preferred shape.

When happy with shape use extra scraps to extend pieces if needed and then tie like a bathing suit behind the back and behind the neck.

Step 4: Final Product

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