Introduction: Recycled Blue Jean Bag

Pretty cool little carryall! This vinyl-lined bag is tough and suitable for makeup, screwdrivers, pill bottles, or anything else that you want to transport in a water repellant way that looks hipper than a sandwich baggie. Changing handbags? Just lift this from one bag to the other for a quick change. If you have a pair of jeans that can be sacrificed, go for it!

Step 1: Materials

Leg from one pair of blue jeans
Vinyl fabric for lining
Sturdy needle
Heavy duty snap

Note: This bag could be sewn on a machine, but you'll need a more heavy-duty machine than I have. Also, don't try to do this by hand without the thimble. The denim is tough enough to sew, but when you add the vinyl to it, you'll getting into some serious poke-holes-in-your-fingers territory.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure and mark your fabric. I marked 3" from the bottom of the jean for the flap. The fabric for the bag is 6". (The size of the bag depends upon your preference and the width of the jeans leg.) I used both the front and back of the leg. I liked the look of the seam, so I flattened the leg out so the seam was centered. I also wanted the flap to continue the seam, so I cut it separately, from the bottom of the leg (front and back). If you don't care about the seam thing, you can cut one long piece of denim and fold the bottom and the top flap. It'll save you some sewing, but it'll also affect the look.

Cut the vinyl in one long piece (12").

Step 3: Press Seams

Denim is pretty hard to sew, so I pressed the edges inside to make it easier. Press all the raw edges in.

Step 4: Sew Seams

Stitch the seam at the bottom of the bag and the sides of the vinyl lining using a whip stitch. (You'll be sewing the right sides out on the denim, but the vinyl should be folded right sides together.) There will be a lot of pressure on the thread, so work with relatively short lengths and just accept that you'll need to rethread frequently. If you don't, you run the risk of breakage.

NOTE: Measure and trim the vinyl before you sew those side seams. The lining will need to be a bit smaller than the denim bag to ensure a good fit.

Step 5: Insert the Vinyl Lining

Slide the lining into the denim pouch. Work it into the corners until you have a snug fit.

Trim the top edges of the vinyl so that the denim is about 1/4" longer; fold the denim over and top stitch along the front edge of the pouch.

Clip the side edges of the pouch down to the vinyl.

Step 6: Attach the Flap

Using a running stitch, stitch the flap to the back of the pouch, right sides together.

Fold the raw edge where you just stitched behind the back vinyl lining. Whip stitch the lining to the denim seam.

Step 7: Add Snap and Load!

Mark the placement of the snap and sew it securely.

Load it up, and off you go!
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