Introduction: Recycled Bottle Lamp

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share how to recycle an old VAT69 bottle into a tabletop lamp.

This is small build can be completed within few hours

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- 3/4" plywood
- 4/32" plywood
- Empty Vat69 bottle
- Pva glue or fevicol
- Led copper string light 4m
- Old usb charger and cable
- Acrylic paint
- Wood polish

- Jigsaw power tool
- Square
- Sand papers
- 3" clamps

If you don't drink, get it from your best friend who does. I used this bottle due to it's unique shape..

Step 2: Base

- Cut 3 squares of 3.25"x3.25" of 3/8" plywood
- Using pva glue, sandwich all three together and hold tight using clamps
- Make sure to align as many sides as possible, this will save sanding time
- Let it dry for 2hrs
- Drill a hole at the center with a 35 mm or 1.37" bit
- Add a 4/32" plywood as base
- Let everything dry for 2 hours
- Drill a 6 mm hole from the bottom side of the base towards the centeral hole. We will use this hole for usb cable

Step 3: Base - Finishing

- Sand all sides of the base using a 60grit sand paper
- Once everything is in line, use 80 and then 180 grit sand papers
- Collect the sawdust and mix with pva glue to make a clay like consistency
- Fill in all the gaps or cracks using this sawdust clay
- Let it dry for 1 hr
- Sand it, with 180 followed by 220 grit paper
- Use dark brown acrylic paint to stain the wood
- Let it dry for 30 minutes
- Apply 2 to 3 coats of wood polish

Step 4: Add LED Lights

- Pass the usb cable from the bottom of the base towards the central hole
- Solder positive and negative rails to the usb cable
- Insulate the wires using a heat shrunk tube

Step 5: Attaching Bottle

- Add a foam sheet to fit the bottle tight i the central hole
- Push the led string inside the bottle
- Keep the lights on, so that you see the pattern that is being formed inside and should adjust to one's liking

- Fix the bottle and we are done

Place it on a side table or center table and enjoy the bottle lamp