Introduction: Recycled Colorful Phone Case

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This is a recycled old phone case.

It's really easy to make, the case becomes new and more attractive.

You can add lot more other designs if you want.

Step 1: Prepare

For this project you'll need:

  • Blank phone case
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brushes
  • Color Tray

Take the phone case and place it over a polythene sheet.

Step 2: Mix Colors and Start

Take navy blue paint on the tray.

Then mix a little white color with the blue.

Apply Navy blue on the bottom of the phone case.

Then apply the light blue right above the dark one.

Smudge the two colors.

Then gently mix them to give it a shade.

Step 3: Finish Coloring

Add more colors. I'm using the rainbow sequence.

First we added blue, hen green and finally red.

You can use more colors if you want.

I'm done coloring the case.

Leave it to dry.

Step 4: Add a Little Detail

Take a thin brush and black acrylic paint.

Draw along the lines. You can make your own lines if you want.

Then colors the sides.

I'm coloring the sides black.

If you have a better skill you also shade the sides as well.

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