Introduction: Recycled Fabric Bracelet

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Hello hello, I bring you a super cool proposal, this bracelet is a nice accessory for any time, in addition to recycling fabrics, we will also paint.

Step 1: Materials

We will need:


-sewing threads

-textile paint

-recycled fabric

- adhesive tape

-waxed thread or a small rope


-sewing needle

Step 2: Cutting Cloth

We will cut approximately 12 cm of the fabric to use, in the way that is seen in the image.

Step 3: Tape the Ends of the Fabric Cut

We cut a piece of tape to hold the ends so we can work better.

Step 4: Painting

we will paint a light color on both sides of the fabric cut.

Step 5: Painting a Lavander

Nothing should be perfect, we just want to have fun, then we will paint the branches, leaves and flowers of the lavender.

Step 6: Sewing the Edges

For this we must choose a thread color and then sew the edges with a simple knot.

Step 7: Finalizing Details

What we do is perforate the ends once they are embroidered, this so that we can introduce the waxed thread and hold it, finally we cut the excess thread measuring it by our wrist, and voila!

They can paint whatever they want!