Introduction: Recycled Jean Pencil Case

Materials Needs:
1 - old pair of jeans
2 - different scraps, one from cargo pants, and another from darker pair of jeans
1 - 12 inch zipper (I used a old tent zipper)

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

Lay out one leg of the pair of jeans.
Measure the length of your zipper.
Cut across the leg of the jeans about 1 inch wider than the zipper.

Step 2: Sizing the Pencil Case

Cut the top and bottom of the case so that it is exactly a rectangle.
You will have to cut off more on one end that the other depending on the style of the jeans.

Step 3: Adding Details

Cut a number out of paper to make sure the size is right. I used a number 5 and another time a number 8.
Then use it as your pattern to cut out the shape using the scraps of fabric. (darker jeans)
Pin it on the front of the front panel of the pencil case.
Zigzag sew around the edge.

Step 4: Making a Patch

Cut the scrap of cargo pant into a short rectangle.
Put it on an angle onto the fron panel. Sew around the edge using a straight stitch. Do it twice.
Cut a circle in the same fabric. Use the back side and zigzag sew around the egde. Then straight stitch sew around the inside and outside of the zigzag.
Cut out 3 long skinny retangles in the darker jean fabric. Use the back side.
Make into a Z shape. Zigzag sew around the Z.

Step 5: Adding the Zipper

Fold the top of the fabric over twice towards the inside. (this is so there is no loose threads getting into the zipper) Do both sides of the pencil case.
Then pin the zipper.
Straight stitch sew 2 rows along the teeth edge. (see final pic to view 2 rows)

Step 6:

Put both sides of the pencil case together. The outside in. Sew around the edge starting at the zipper and ending at the other end of the zipper.

Step 7: Final Step

Turn it right side out and fill with pencils and crayons or paint brushes!

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