Introduction: Recycled Light Bulb Xmas Tree.

Start to replace your light bulbs with CFL's and by next Christmas you can have your own tree!

Step 1: What's Needed

Traffic Cone
Plastic bag to fit inside cone.(stops gluing to cone)
Light bulbs.
E6000 Glue.
Rag,(to keep bulbs in place and make hole in middle for led lights)

Step 2: Fill Cone With Plastic Bag.

Line the inside of the cone so that you don't glue to the cone, if so you will need to cut the cone from the bulb tree. Place the cone inside a box to keep it upright.

Step 3: Start to Glue Bulbs.

This is going to take some time. You will need to glue the bulbs one by one and stop when you have a few rows (so that they don't fall in) don't use to much glue and try to see how they sit with each other before you use the glue.

Step 4: Gluing and More Gluing

As you work upwards, try to keep to the sides and when needed stuff with a rag or paper in the middle.

Step 5: Last Row.

Try to keep the last row of light bulbs at the same level this will help the tree to sit straight. Make sure to leave the middle open for the fairy lights. Let it be for 24 hours.

Step 6: Remove Tree From Cone

Hopfully you can just pull the tree out of the bag and cone. Remove any rags or paper.

Step 7: Add LED Christmas Lights.

Place the LED Christmas light bulbs inside the tree, you may need to use tape to keep in place.

Step 8: Plug in and Enjoy!

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