Introduction: Recycled Materials Organizer

This is a relatively simple way to make an organizer that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely handy. Have you ever wanted something to organize your papers or hold your keys, but you dont want to pay the money for a nice one, well then this is for you.

For materials you will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Any kind of material (I used an old pair of jeans)
  • DVD cases (any kind but preferably sturdy ones with those clips inside)
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic bag(1 maybe 2)
  • the top of a can
  • anything else you'd want to add
  • Some kind of cereal box or cardboard

Step 1: Ready the Hot Glue Gun and Cardboard

Take your cardboard and fold or glue(if it’s in pieces) into a rectangle of your desired length. Once you have your box, take your DVD cases and glue the on facing the direction you see fit. As you can see in the image I did it facing up to keep it simple.

Step 2: Setting the DVD Cases and the Material

For this part you’ll need your desired material that you want to wrap the organizer in. You’re going to want to begin wrapping from the back and work your way forward, make sure once you’ve set where you need the material that you glue it in place. Depending on how much and what kind of material you have, in my case a really baggy pair of jeans, you could end up only needing a few pieces. Now take the half of the DVD case that you didn’t glue and hold where you want it, by that I mean how big you want your pockets to be, and wrap the material around it gluing accordingly. Repeat this for the rest of the cases and you should be good, now the bottom most piece where the can attached is actually another case.

You don’t need this other case but if you want it then prior to gluing on your last case glue half of another one underneath and leave the other half hanging. Proceed to put the next pocket(case) on top and you should be good. As you can see in the pictures where the little green cross is, there’s little hooks. Those are from the inside of the second case underneath the last one, you just cut some holes in the material and bam, key hooks. As for the plastic bag, I used the belt loops part of the pant to wrap the bags around, and used the duct tape to, reinforce them. So here’s a simple and fast way to make an organizer out of materials that for the most part are available at home.

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