Introduction: Recycled Motorcycle From Bottle Cap

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  • v What to do at home? Here are some simple ways to make racing cars at home. I will guide you step by step to make basic to advanced racing cars. You can do and try it out. or you can pack it as a Gift to give your Children or your Friends. I hope you enjoy it. Let's get Started
  • This is our race car. It is extremely powerful and interesting
  • If you are a Parent, it will be very suitable to play with your Children


- 4 Bottle Caps

- 2 Ice - Cream Sticks

- 9V Battery & Connector

- Dc motor

- Switch ON/OFF

- Electrical Tape

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Bottle Caps

  • Prepare bottle caps (4 pieces). It is used for front and rear wheels
  • Next, make a hole in the bottle cap

Step 2: Wheels

Use 502 super glue to attach 2 bottle caps together

Apply electrical tape around the bottle cap

Cut off excess tape

After finishing, continue using hot glue to fasten the wheel

It has a decorative effect for wheels

Step 3: Next!

  • Prepare 2 ice cream sticks and make a hole in it
  • Use a bamboo toothpick to skew the ice cream sticks and wheels
  • Do the same with the rear wheel
  • Use elastic bands to make the mechanism work to Create a Mechanism to move

Step 4: Create Bodywork

Create bodywork

Step 5: ON/OFF

Place an On / Off switch on an ice cream cone and place it on the body

Step 6: Map of Electric

Look at the electrical circuit diagram and follow the instructions

Step 7: All in One

  • Put it all inside the car
  • Pull the rubber band from the wheel into the engine

Step 8: Decorate

  • Last step, Decorate the car according to your taste.

Step 9: Congratulations,

It is simple, isn't it. With just a few simple steps, you can create a racing car at home.

Thanks for watching.
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