Introduction: Recycling CDs Into Race Cars

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  • Hi everybody. This is our auto racing car
  • It's completely free and automatic
  • If you are a Parent, it will be very suitable to play with your Children
  • Making it very simple, will be very interesting
  • I will guide you, let's make it!


  1. CD disc
  2. Rubber band
  3. Bottle cap
  4. Ice cream sticks

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare 2 CDs

Step 2: Tape

  • Wrap black tape around the CD
  • You can skip this step, it's okay
  • But it can be used for decoration

Step 3: Ice Cream Sticks

  • Next, prepare 3 ice cream sticks, and Cut off the 2 ends

Step 4: Hot Glue

  • Use hot glue to stick one end of the popsicle stick on the first CD
  • Do the same with the remaining two ice cream sticks
  • Once done, place it all on the second CD

Step 5: Rubber Bands

  • Use rubber bands (6 pieces)
  • Tie the rubber bands together
  • and put it on a plate to make the mechanism work
  • Next, fasten one end of the cd with hot glue

Step 6: Bottle Cap

  • Make a small hole in the cap and place it on the middle of the CD
  • Pierce the rubber band on the top of the bottle

Step 7: Almost Done, Last Step

  • On the other end, place the pencil to make the mechanism rotate
  • After this step, you have completed the racing car product
  • Congratulations

Step 8: Finised Products

Thanks for watching.

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