Introduction: Recycled PVC Cable Organizer

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So I saw this Cable Hive organizer posted on Gizmodo today. It seems like an awesome idea, but the $99 retail price point seemed a little high. Good luck with your Kickstarter and all, but I'm going to build one for free.

Luckily my friend Jared brought me some scrap 1.5", 2" and 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe. Some of it had been used as a fresh water supply line from a well, so it's a bit rust colored inside, but it will do nicely for this project.

Step 1: Cutting the PVC

This step is not too precise- I cut the PVC pieces to 6". After I cut them I washed them in the sink with dish detergent and rinsed them well. I set them aside to dry.

Step 2: Glueing the PVC

I sanded the pieces lightly to help the cement and the paint stick. I glued two rows of 1.5" pipe- 17 pieces. I added 6 pieces of 3" and 2 pieces of 2" pipe. I glued all the mating surfaces and taped them in place while the cement cured.

Step 3: Making the Shelf

I cut a shelf out of scrap plywood. I sanded it with thee bench sander and finished sanding by hand.

Step 4: Paint!

I used three shades of purple Rustoleum spray paint to finish the cable organizer. I painted the shelf in a faded sunburst pattern and painted the underside solid dark purple. I painted the PVC with dark purple at an angle from the left. I painted the mid purple from the right. I painted it with the light purple from behind through each pipe. I sprayed the front of the shelf with black from the top very lightly. This paint job gives the shelf a deeper sense depth and perspective.

Step 5: Attaching the Shelf and Hardware

I attached the shelf to the PVC with screws. I added some recycled hinges from an old organ to hang the shelf from.

Step 6: Hanging the Shelf

I installed the shelf in my music room next to my recording gear shelf. It's great for organizing cables and microphones. The bigger diameter pipe can even hold wall warts. The shelf is just right for holding small bits of gear. Now I'm looking around the shop to see what else can be organized with this method.

Give it a try- it's better than a rat's nest of cables in a box.