Introduction: Recycled Scanner Hack!

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I found my old serial port, flatbed scanner and decided to do something useful with it. I have seen other scanner Instructables, like this one from jpitz31 and this one from trebuchet03 but nothing like what I had in mind. This is easy to make and versatile. Watch the Test Results in the video.

Step 1: What You Need...

1. A flatbed scanner. I used an HP 3200C. You can find them all day long at garage sales...
2. 1/2" clear vinyl tubing
3. 2 Project Enclosures (Radio Shack Model: 270-1801)
4. Switch

Step 2: Disassemble the Scanner

This scanner only had 2 screws and the top came right off. Save it if you want the glass out of it. Remove the carriage assembly off the steel rod. I saved the rod for another day.

Step 3: Remove the Lamp and the Inverter

Remove the Inverter by unplugging the (2) connectors and carefully remove the lamp. Save the AC Adapter, you may need this one.

Step 4: Prep the Housings...

I drilled 2 - 1/2" holes in the ends of the boxes, one small hole in one box for the ac adapter wires and a hole for the switch. I mounted the Inverter in the main box with hot glue. I also used a 6volt - 500Ma adapter instead of the original. (Some bench testing may be necessary to determine the exact voltage required to fully light, yet not blow the fluorescent lamp.) Run the wires from the ac adapter into the smaller hole in the box. Install the switch. Solder the negative ac adapter wire to one end of the switch and solder the other end of the switch to the black wire coming from the inverter. Solder the red wire from the Inverter to the positive side of the ac adapter. You should add some heat tubing and tie a not in the wires from the ac adapter to keep it from pull stress.

Step 5: Build the Lamp Housing...

Cut the 1/2" tubing to the size of the lamp. After threading the lamp connector into the box, plug it in to the Inverter. Slide the tubing over the lamp and about an inch into each of the two boxes and secure with hot glue...Now plug it in and test it out! I used velcro to secure it wherever I want to use it. Hope you enjoyed this Instructable.