Introduction: Recycled Spoon Lamp

  • A Round Jar or Other Bottle
    • Any round object will work. Thicker plastic works better since thin plastic like a 2-liter bottle often melts under the heat.
  • 100+ Plastic Spoons
    • The number of spoons needed depends on the side of your jar/bottle and how much you overlap each spoon. For our project, we used exactly 100 spoons.
  • Scissors or Cutters
    • scissors make cutting the spoons much easier but they can also be broken with your hands. Just be careful as this method is not as accurate.
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
    • Any hot glue gun will work. Make sure it doesn't get too hot as it will start to melt your bottle/jar.
  • Light Source
    • Any light source works depending on the lamp's intended use. If hanging from the ceiling, a traditional bulb and wire would work well. We used a wireless LED with a color changing remote since our version is a desk lamp.

Step 1: Safety Warning

Saftey Tips!!
  • Be Careful with Hot Glue Gun
  • Wear Eye Protection When Breaking Spoons
  • Keep Hands Away From Sharp Blades When Cutting

Step 2: Cutting the Spoons

How to Cut the Spoons

  1. Grab your sharp pair of scissors and bag of spoons
  2. Hold the spoon by the head and cut right where the handle meed the head
  3. Now simply repeat steps one and two until you have enough spoon heads

Helpful Tips

  • Cut using the base of the scissors for a more controlled cut
  • Cut each spoon in the same place for best results when gluing
  • Be sure to recycle the handles since we won't be using them in this project

Step 3: Gluing the Spoons

Gluing the Spoons to your Jar/Bottle

  1. Plugin your hot glue gun and allow it to head up for a few minutes
  2. In the meantime, decide which end of the jar/bottle you will start from
  3. Grab your first spoon and place a small bead of glue right at the base of the head
  4. Place the spoon on the 'top' of your jar/bottle with the tip of the spoon facing the 'top'
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have one complete ring of spoons at the top of your jar/bottle
  6. Now, start the second row by gluing a spoon further down the bottle and centered between two spoons from the first row. (Imagine the way a brick wall is staggered each row)
  7. Repeat this entire process until you reach the base of your jar/bottle

Helpful Tips

  1. If the glue becomes too thin and runny, unplug the hot glue gun and allow the material to cool off.
  2. Be patient and go slowly. The more symmetrical your gluing, the better the end result.
  3. Overlap each row just enough to cover all clear sections of your jar/bottle.

Step 4: Place the Light Source in the Bottle

Selecting Your Light Source

  • There are many different options for how to display your spoon lamp
  • You could hang it from the ceiling or place it facing upward on a table as our example shows.
  • Whatever you decide, we recommend a wireless LED light bulb to avoid the hassle of a wired connection

Our Example

  1. In our example, we use a cheap LED bulb with a color-changing remote included. This kit can be purchased for under $5 at any local hardware store.
  2. Check to see what type of batteries you'll need if they are not included and insert them before proceeding.
  3. Carefully place the bulb into the base of the spoon lamp facing upwards
  4. Step back and click the 'On" button on your remote and enjoy the beauty of your hard work!

Step 5: Play With the Colors of Your New Light

Fun Additional Step

  • If your bulb/remote has the option, play with the many colors and patterns for a more unique look
  • The photos in our example show just a few of the many colors capable with these mini-LED units.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've successfully completed the assembly of your spoon lamp!