Introduction: Recycled Wine Cork Reindeer

Finally an ornament craft that uses your old wine corks.

You will need:
1) Clean wine corks (Each reindeer takes one and one half a corks)

2) Pipe cleaners (colors of your choice, I like metallic colors)

3) Toothpicks

4) Mini pom poms (to use as noses)

5) Googly eyes (Puffy or acrylic paint may be used to paint the eyes instead)

6) Scissors (Strong enough to cut through pipe cleaners and toothpicks)

7) Craft knife or cutter

8) Ruler

9) String or cord (for hanging the ornament)

10) Quick setting glue, cold silicone or hot glue (Super glue does not work well for this project)

11) Optional: Puffy or acrylic paint, jingle bells, mini stars or any other embellishments of your liking to decorate your reindeer)

Step 1: Creating the Body

1) Take one of the longer corks and using your craft knife make a small hole in the middle.

2) Cut a length of string (should be @ least 3 in in length if you are going to hang it, or you skip this step if you are using these reindeer as table decorations)

3) Using one of the toothpicks push the raw ends of the cord into the hole.

4) Secure the cord in place with a small amount of glue.

Step 2: Creating the Head

5) Cut one of the smaller corks @ an angle to create two equal pieces. The angle

6) Using your craft knife, make a small hole on the flat side of the cork opposite the angled end. This will become the neck of the reindeer.

7) Introduce a small piece of toothpick into the hole you created and sharpen the other end with your knife.

8) Make a small hole on one of the ends of the larger cork. This should be on the same side as the string.

9) Dab a little glue on the sharp end and introduce it to the hole you just made and adjust to desired length. ( here you can decide which way your reindeer will be looking, work quickly as the glue will set fast.)

Step 3: Give Your Reindeer Some Legs

10) Cut four small holes on the bottom of the body cork, here is where you will legs will go. You want to cut the holes so that the legs will create a "V" and give your reindeer more stability.

11) Introduce an individual toothpick into each of the holes. Make sure you dab a little glue on the tip of the toothpicks before placing them in the holes.

12) After a couple of minutes you can trim the toothpicks to size. This was trial and error for me so I cut extra long legs and kept trimming to make sure my reindeer could stand without trouble.

Step 4: Create Your Antlers and Tails

13) Cut two different lengths of pipe cleaner, one about 3' or less for the antlers and one about 3/4" for the tail.

14) Bend the longer length into the shape of antlers.

15) Glue your antlers to the flat side of the head using a small dab of glue, hold in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to grip.

Step 5: Glue on Your Reindeer Eyes and Nose.

16) Glue the small pom pom on the pointy end of the cork you created by cutting it diagonally.

17) Glue on googly eyes (or paint them on if you are using puffy or acrylic paint). You can make marks with a pencil if you are not sure where you want your reindeer eyes.

Let it dry and you are all Done!

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