Introduction: Recycled Wine Glasses

I had a few wine glasses that I wanted to reuse/recycle into candles using soy wax.

wine glasses
soy flakes
color chips for the wax
scented oils
*I use clothes pins and pencils to keep the wicks centered.
*newspaper for an easy clean up

Step 1: Soy Flakes

1. Wash and clean the wine glasses.
2. Set up the candle making area.....lay down newspapers, set up wicks in wine glasses, add water to pot, add soy flakes to second melting pot, have a spoon ready to mix the soy flakes, pot holders or towels, etc...
3. melt soy flakes, add colored chips to achieve the color you want mix well.
4. Add the scented oils.
5. Pour soy flakes into wine glasses.

Step 2: Cooling

1. Let the candles sit and cool for a few hours.

2. Once dry, remove the clothes pins and cut the wicks to the desired length.

3. Clean the candles and remove any excess wax drips.

Step 3: Wine Candles

These recycled wine glass candles are a great gift!

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