Introduction: Wood Pallets Into Organised Wall Feature

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This is my first instructable but I have been an avid lurker on this wonderful site called Instructables for along time, I'm a keen tinkerer in my garage converted woodshop and I love to make stuff out of wood.

For the Remix Contest instructable design, I used the similar style Corasaurus Rex has used for his published instructable, I liked the way he staggered the ends of each piece of wood so I thought I would add that to my design as it's quite effective :) link to Corasaurus Rex

So to start off with this Instructable I wanted to make a quick and as cheap as possible wall feature to fill a space infront of my pc desk at home - as it was a bit plain and my desk was a bit cluttered with stuff, this project cost me to make around £4 as I had to buy the cans of black spray paint (£1 each) - and it didnt take long to make and anyone can make it and design it how they want it.

Step 1: Tools and the Bits N Bobs Required

I used the below bits and bobs to create this pallet wall feature

* 2 Wood pallets

* Bag of 50mm wood screws

* Counter sink

* Wall plugs

* Philips bit and small drill bit

* Drill

* Jig saw

* Band saw

* Wood glue

* Black gloss spray paint (I used x4 300ml cans)

* Pencil

* 180 Sand paper

* Square

* Tape measure

* Bought 4 cans of black spray paint (£1 each)

Step 2: Cutting Up the Pallets for the Shelves and Back Pieces

Next, I needed to cut off the pieces of wood from the pallets by using a jig saw and then by using the band saw to square off the edges and cut off the ends with nails in - doing this gave me 10 pieces of nice clean wood.

I cut 7 pieces of wood at lengths of 730mm

Then I cut 2 pieces of shelving at 680mm

The last shelf is smaller and I cut it at 400mm

I then cut 2 extra lengths of pallet wood at 600mm which I used as a backing to screw all of the 7 pieces together - screwed from the back so minimal screws showing from the front

Step 3: Fitting the 2 Pieces of Wood to the Wall (to Screw Wall Feature Into)

I also needed 2 pieces of wood from pallets which I need for later when fixing the feature to the wall.

I screwed the 2 pieces of pallet wood to the wall using wall plugs and screws - 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom making sure they are level ready for me to screw the feature to the 2 pieces of wood that are fixed to the wall making it sturdy.

Step 4: Making the HeadSet Holder

My headphones needed a place to live too, So I marked up a simple shape that fitted the headset and then used the band saw to cut it out with some of the offcuts from the pallets that I cut earlier.

I then lightly sanded it down ready and drilled 2 holes for it to be attached to the feature then for it to be sprayed with the black gloss spray.

Step 5: Making the 2 Holders for My Sword

I needed a decent place to put my sword as it was just sat on my desk, so by using the off cuts from the wood pallets, I marked out the shape I needed then cut 2 shapes out by using a band saw - I sanded them down lightly then sprayed them with black gloss spray.

Both were ready to be fixed the wall feature using screws and wood glue.

Step 6: Making the 3 Shelves

Using the 3 pieces of wood for the that I cut earlier - these are going to be used for the 3 shelves, I wanted to round off the face edges with the band saw.

Next, I then used wood glue and screws to fix the shelves to the wall feature and did the same for the sword and headphone pieces.

I then sprayed the whole wall feature with the 4 cans of black gloss spray.

Step 7: All Fitted to the Wall..

Once the wall feature was dry, I was then ready to attach the wall feature to the 2 pieces of wood I fixed to the wall earlier by using wood screws.

I was very happy with the finish and I now have a gaming desk setup which is organised and tidier and there is a place for every thing to go

Here is the link which inspired me in my instructable - Check out Corasaurus Rex -


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