Introduction: Recycled Cardboard Table From 3D Model

What's better than making furniture out of recycled material that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing?

I turned sheets of regular cardboard into an incredibly sturdy table.

Designed by Vered Rosenfeld

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

* Corrugated Cardboard: You might have to go searching around for suitable cardboard sources or have to be creative with your design to fit your Cardboard's limitations. I was able to make mine with cardboard for packing a refrigerator.

* Plexiglas surface

* Water tape

* Slide paper

* Hot glue

* cardboard strips

Step 2: Making a Plan: Tinkercad

With Tinkercad free software I Create 3D digital designs. I built a model of the table.

please note that the sizes here are in CM. When you start Tinkercad the unit of mesurement is automatically set to MM.

Step 3: 123D Make

first you must input your materials profile.

in the material section choose the pencil symbol- input your material's sheet size, thickness, and the width of the laser beam in slot offset.

After you get your plans from 123D make, you can cut them with a laser cutter.

note that you choose how many pieces there will be in the intersections, how dense the grid will be and so forth...

I used the interlocking slices technique due to its strength and ability to support weight.

Step 4: Laser Cutting

I cut a fit test- two sets of teeth with different spacings between them so i could check wich spacing was best. to examine the correlation between the slots of the parts.

Step 5: Assemble the Pieces

When making the table itself ( inserting the interlocking pieces) follow the numbering on the pieces. Ask another person for help and don't try to do it by yourself!!

Step 6: Cutting a Plexiglass Surface

In accordance with the surface area of the table.

Step 7: Finishing Options

use a nice looking material to give the tabla a closed edge (see second picture).

Put water tape on the edges of the furniture- see the difference between the third picture and the fourth- thats the use of water tape to give the cardboard a nice looking finish.

Put Slides on the underside of the table, by using hot glue. After adding the slides you may fill the spaces between the cardboards with any variety of decorations- seashells, marbles, small paintings etc'. Painting acrylic paint and varnish layer

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