Recycled Desk Top Organizer on the Cheap!

Introduction: Recycled Desk Top Organizer on the Cheap!

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Hi, in this instructable my girlfriend and i will teach you how to take assorted cardboard things and turn them into a desk organizer! for this instructable you'll need the following:

A Cardboard Box
Some toilet paper rolls
Duck-tape (any color will suffice)

Disclaimer: scissors are sharp.

Step 1: Pick Out Your Boxes

Search your recycling bin, closet or alleyway! We used a mandarin box, a tissue box and some toilet rolls. Just try to think of what your using you organizer for and go from there.

Step 2: Design

Decide where everything is going.

Step 3:

Now we can wrap everything in Duck tape! We chose pink and black but there are so many different kinds of duck tape out there you can have any color scheme you want.

Step 4:

FINISH! Now pick you stuff off your floor and maybe your room will finally be clean. Enjoy organizing!

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    6 years ago

    Building something practical doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive and your instructable proves this fact rightfully. I have some artworks that I need to put up in storage and I have tweaked your idea of the toilet rolls to better protect the canvas and drawing boards. Thanks for sharing a simple yet useful idea.