Introduction: Recycled Plastic Herb Pots

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I have become a fan of KFC's kream balls and the plastic containers can easily be upcycled into plant holders for small herbs or succulents. These containers are perfect as plant containers and I decided to fill mine with small herbs that I sourced from the garden centre at my local garden centre. Placed on a sunny windowsill, you can have access to assorted fresh herbs.

The size of the plastic containers only allows for seedlings or small herbs, or succulents, but you can use them to start off your kitchen herb garden and then move them outdoors when they get too large. Be careful not to place them in direct sun for too long and water with small quantities on a regular basis to prevent flooding the roots.

The plastic containers are pressed with branding on the back, so if you want to cover this up - use a Bostik GlassDeco pen (puffy paint) to paint a design that covers up the company logo. These pens leave a raised design that covers up plenty of sins!

Let the paint dry before spraying with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour. I used satin green apply on the bases of the plastic containers. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders.

In the base of each base place a small amount of pea gravel or decorative stones. This will help prevent the roots of the plants from becoming waterlogged. Alternatively, drill small holes in the base for drainage.

Carefully transplant your small herbs on top of the gravel and fill up with soil to the level of the base. Now you can pop on the top and gently pull the plant through the hole in the container.

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