Introduction: Recycling Done Fashionably

School is over, summer's here and it's time to clean out your backpack. Broken pencils, dried out pens and a snack you forgot about months ago: these are just some of the things you might come across while emptying out your backpack. You may also find a used notebook that has chicken scratches written all over the pages. Or maybe there are no pages because you've torn them all out. Either way, DON'T THROW THAT NOTEBOOK AWAY! Let's have some crafty summer fun, and add some cute, personalized, and environmentally friendly accessories to our back-to-school wardrobe!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

That old notebook may not seem to be utilizable anymore, but look again. See that wire that once held all of the papers together? We're actually gonna use that to make...wait for it...BRACELETS (^·^) Therefore, for this project you will need: beads of your choice, a 3-in-1 jewelry plier, and of course notebook wire. Parental supervision is recommended for young children (family craft night anyone?)

Step 2: Removing the Wire

If your notebook still has paper in it, gently remove the wire by pulling it out of each hole. If your notebook is empty, simply tear off the front and back cardboard covers of your notebook wire. It's easy-peasy!

Step 3: Reshaping the Wire

Now begin to bend the curled wire as means of straightening it out. The wire is often relatively long, so hold the wire away from your face and eyes.

Step 4: Does the Bracelet Fit? (0.0')

Wrap the wire around your wrist. By doing so, you can see just how much wire you will need to use. Put your thumb on the part of the wire you will be cutting. I recommend giving yourself one to two inches more. Some extra wire will be required to secure the ends of the Bracelet.

Step 5: Cut and Secure

Using the wire cutter, cut the area initially held by your thumb. Grab one end of the wire and, using your jewelry pliers, make a loop. This loop should hold the beads you ultimately decide to incorporate into your bracelet.

Step 6: Just Bead It (^o^)

Place any beads of your choice onto the bracelet. Just make sure that the bead hole is large enough for the wire to fit through it.

Step 7: **Almost Done**

After placing all of your beads onto your bracelet, loop the remaining end of the wire. Then wrap the bracelet around your wrist just one last time. Shape the wire, and adjust it to whatever size you prefer.

Step 8: Work It!

Awesome, your one-of-a-kind bracelet is completed! Now you can show it off either during the summer or at the beginning of the school year. People will admire it's beauty and you can brag about how you made it yourself. Not only that, but you recycled and helped out the environment! This bracelet is also cool because it is size-adjustable!

*Side Note- To ensure your bracelet stays in the best shape, make sure not to wet it. It will get rusty, and that's not a good look (0~0)

Hope you had fun! And don't forget to SHOW IT OFF (^·^)

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