Introduction: Recycling of Used Coffee Grounds

Cozy evening gatherings

That are spoiled by an air raid of mosquitoes

And how to deal with this?

Well, for example, this way:

Take a jar of coffee

In the lid we make a cross-cut cutout

Bend the edges of the cutout

Take a few napkins

Twist one corner

Insert the twisted corner into the cutout in the lid

Pour a little oil into the can

Insert a cover with a wick into the can

Take a few spoons of used coffee grounds

We spread it out around the wick on the cover

Light the wick

Slowly evaporating from the coffee grounds, caffeine expels all mosquitoes !

Step 1: Cozy Evening Gatherings:

Step 2: That Are Spoiled by an Air Raid of Mosquitoes:

Step 3: And How to Deal With This? Well, for Example, This Way! Take a Jar of Coffee:

Step 4: In the Lid We Make a Cross-cut Cutout:

Step 5: Bend the Edges of the Cutout:

Step 6: Take a Few Napkins:

Step 7: Twist One Corner:

Step 8: Insert the Twisted Corner Into the Cutout in the Lid:

Step 9: Pour a Little Oil Into the Can:

Step 10: Insert a Cover With a Wick Into the Can:

Step 11: Take a Few Spoons of Used Coffee Grounds:

Step 12: We Spread It Out Around the Wick on the Cover:

Step 13: Light the Wick:

Step 14: Slowly Evaporating From the Coffee Grounds, Caffeine Expels All Mosquitoes!