Introduction: Redneck, Fast, Dirt Cheap, Oscillating Multi-tool

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I always wanted one of those tools, but are pretty damn expensive, and i just needed to cut some insulating foam, so i made this dirt cheap mod on my sander, and the results are way better than i expected!

Step 1: What'cha Need...

Well, this is a very straight forward 'ible, so let's make things easy.

- Delta sander

- screwdriver

- metal blade

- scissors for sheet metal

Step 2: Unscrew the Sanding Base

You need to remove that velcro stuff

Step 3: Cut and Screw

grab the snips and cut the blade, the longer you cut, the more will vibrate, but don't cut too short or you won't cut anything!

Step 4: Done!

tighten that damn screw!!!

Step 5: What's Next?

test with some blades and see what happens!

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