Redo All the Sailboat Cushions!

Introduction: Redo All the Sailboat Cushions!

We redid all the upholstery in our little sail boat!

Step 1:

Step 2: Measure From Existing Covers or Actual Cussions and Cut the Fabric!

Step 3: If You Are Dying Your Fabric Dye It!!

hot water salt some soap and some blue dye in a bucket!

Step 4: Start Sewing the Trim Bits on You Width Pieces and Then Go to Town With the Sewing Machine

start with a small itme. we started with the only tiny pillow we have (the other ones are human sized) to get the hang of it. We did get velcro to have the covers removable!

Step 5: Assemble Everything!! and Install

we bleached the original foam to clean it a bit and them installed our new pillows

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