Introduction: Refashioned Comfy Skirt From Old Used Jeans(no Sewing)

Have a old pair of jeans you aren't using anymore?we have a creative solution to make it into a skirt, enjoy this process to turn it fashionable!!


SUPPLIES:(no sewing!!!)
A old pair of jeans
Fabric glue

Step 1: Cutting

Take the old pair of jeans and fold into halfAnd cut the length you want.
Cut one leg at a time using scissors.

Step 2: Cutting Through the Instream

Cut through the instream and little of the rise inseam
Let the piece lay flat while overlapping the other side
Trim off the thick piece of fabric at the corner of the inseam
Cut the back rise until it overlaps the other side

Step 3: Glueing/Sticking.

At the back,
Add fabric glue to the bottom edge on the piece that will be overlapping
Leave an empty spot on the bottom so that you can fringe it easily
Glue the inside piece as well

Step 4: Covering the Empty Space

Cut a small piece of denim that fits the empty space at the front
Line it up with the hem
Glue the inseam to the denim piece
Trim the bottom hem to match the front

Step 5: Painting!!(optional)

Bring out your creativity and paint whatever you like!
Here we have painted a sunflower 🌻

You can style your skirt with top,shirt or anything you like!
Ta-da! Hope you like it!
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