Introduction: Refurbishing a Vintage Travel Trailer.

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1966 SilverStreak (Sister trailer to the Airstream) with a little North West flare.

This video shows an overview of the process of what we did to refurbish this trailer. Will will try to post a couple more videos on painting the inside with boat enamel, building beds, installing a sink with a water pump, installing floor in a trailer or any other's you might want to see.

We have done four full gut trailers now each with it's own theme. Salon, Hot Rod, Bamboo, and teardrop.

1966 Silver Streak Trailer *(Airstream Sister Trailer).

This trailer has had a full body-off restoration! The body was removed and the frame was reinforced and coated with POR-15. A new floor was installed and the underside was sealed. (FYI: This is the main problem with older trailers and by far the most expensive repair.)

With the three R’s in mind (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) we up-cycled a gym floor from an old Bally’s Fitness athletic club. The floor was painstakingly removed one piece at a time and all nails removed. The gym floor was then installed to produce a modern sporty look.

The trailer was primed twice then sprayed with Epifanes Yacht paint to produce a high-gloss finish that you see on boats and yachts. (Not your typical paint job.)

An L-shaped sofa was custom made with large-hinged storage underneath. The back area is the size of a twin bed. The sofa pillows are indoor/outdoor material bought at IKEA.

We installed a new kitchen cabinet, sink and countertop. There is a hand-pump faucet with small water tank under the sink.

The front table is turned to have a view while enjoying a meal or could also be used as an office desk. There is plenty of space for a laptop and outlets nearby for charging.

What more could you ask for?? A kegerator? Got it! Enjoy your favorite Northwest micro-brew in a Haier Brewmaster Kegerator (Full (1/2 barrel), 1/4 or 1 mini keg capacity)….Perfect for the typical NW beer-lover.

This trailer could not only be used for camping, but was designed with a backyard office studio in mind. Best of both worlds?...Your Welcome!

FYI: We did NOT install a bathroom. (Our reason for this, is that with our camping experience, we have never used the toilets in the trailers…it’s gross. Most campgrounds with hook-up have nicer bathrooms available and should be used). J

Also, please keep in mind that this is a vintage trailer with typical quirks and imperfections that you would see with a nearly 50-year-old trailer. Vintage trailers would not retain their value or personality without their quirks.