Introduction: Regrow Lettuce and Celery Scraps Indoors (Super Easy!)

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In this Instructable I am going to teach you how to produce produce from produce scraps*! This is a neat project that can be done indoors with very minimal effort and little to no gardening experience.

Let's get started!

*This is my first Instructable so please let me know how I did!


Lettuce/Celery head from grocery store

Cutting Board (optional)


Mason jar/other container


Sunny room/shelf

Step 1: Prepare Your Produce

The first thing you want to do is wash your lettuce/celery (I am going to use Romaine Lettuce, but if you want to use celery you can just follow these steps). After that you are going to want to cut the produce about 2-3 inches from the crown (the brown circular bottom). Save the crown/base to regrow and go ahead and eat the rest of the lettuce :)

Step 2: Prepare Your Vessel

The container that I am going to be using is just a regular Mason Jar, but you can easily use any other type of bowl or jar. Once you have your vessel, you can wash it if you want. Once that is done, simply fill it part way with water (tap water is fine)

Step 3: Add Lettuce/Celery to Your Vessel

This step is pretty much self explanatory. All you need to do is put your crown/base of produce into the water like so: (see picture above). If your produce does not fit you can carefully strip off some of the outer leaves until it fits.

TIP: It helps if you make sure that the water is only slightly above the crown of the produce. If not, the outer leaves/stalks of your produce will rot and become slimy

Step 4: Place in a Sunny Spot

Any spot that receives some sunlight will be fine. I suggest using a windowsill or a table near a window.

Step 5: Observe Your Produce

Within a day or two you should start to see little lettuce (or celery) leaves rising from the middle of your cutting. After a few days you will want to dump out the old water and fill your jar again with fresh water. After about three or four days you will start to see roots extending from the bottom of your cutting. At this point if you want you can transfer your produce to soil, but that's not necessary.

Step 6: Harvest Your Produce

After about 10 days you should have some nice lettuce leaves/small celery stalks at your disposal. You can harvest these whenever you want. To do this, simply use clean scissors to cut the leaves/stalks at the base.

Step 7: Enjoy!!!

Now that you have your freshly grown lettuce/celery you can use it in whatever way you'd like. If you grew lettuce, make a salad for yourself or use it to top a sandwich. If you grew celery, you can use it as a carrier for dip or simply as a snack. However you decide to enjoy it, you have the sweet satisfaction of knowing that you grew this produce on your own, from kitchen scraps.

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