Introduction: Remedies for Body and Skin Disorders and Hair Loss

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Not everyone is blessed with beautiful hair and bodies. We have to work at looking our best because of hair, skin, or body disorders that can be very embarrassing. I have read many comments on forums about how some people have tried everything to help eliminate body odor, skin disorders, foot odors, and baldness to name a few of the most common.

The human body is like a super robot with computer chips inside that allows every single cell to communicate to other cells . The things we eat, drink and breathe can cause major disruptions within our bodies causing the cells to send signals to the brain to make adjustments.

The skin is the bodies largest and fastest growing organ. Its function acts as a barrier, helps retain fluids, keeps our bones and organs in place,and regulates body temperatures; to name a few. Your skin can be an indicator that something is off balance inside your body. Understanding the signals can help us narrow down the solution and take the necessary steps eliminate the problem .Too often we use things that do not get to the root of the problem.

This instructable will discuss how to recognize some of the symptoms that commonly occur and give you simple home remedies to try and reduce the side effects you might be experiencing. This instructable is a testimonial about our experience with some of these disorders and what we used to prevent them.

Disclaimer: This instructable is for educational purposes only and is not meant for medical advice in any way. If you have health issues of any-kind see your doctor. If you are taking any medication I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor before you try these methods. Taking supplements, or changing your diet can have serious side effects if you are ill. Please be safe and wise and consult a physician.

Step 1: Smelly Feet and Body Odor

There are 250,000 sweat glands in feet. Sweat itself is not smelly but shoes and socks that hold moisture will produce bacteria that causes foul odors. Teenagers and men seem suffer more with smelly feet than women. I think the reason for this is because teenager's bodies are going through hormone changes and men and boys wear sneakers that are not made with natural fibers, and they tend to sweat more causing a wet environment for bacteria to grow. Medical conditions like diabetics, athletes foot,and thyroid problems can cause foot odor.

If you or a family member has smelly feet try these remedies. If you have already tried these methods your foot odor problem could be a health issue or dietary problem which I will be discussing.

Wearing 100% White cotton socks or wool socks will help prevent moisture from accumulating inside the shoe.

Leather shoes are breathable which will reduce moisture and prevent bacteria from occurring.

Canvas Athletic shoes should have plenty of side vents to allow airflow through the shoe.

Own several pairs of shoes to alternate between them; allowing the shoes to air out for 24 hours before wearing them again. Open the shoe strings or straps and pull out the tongue of the shoe to allow airflow.

Change socks daily

Wash feet at least twice daily.

Make a solution of 1/2 Vinegar to 1/2 water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on your feet and armpits and allow to stay on for at least 5 minutes. Take a shower and after you rinse the soap off; spray your feet and armpits again, let it set a minute and rinse with cool water. The vinegar helps balance the Ph of your skin. It also kills bacteria. A vinegar hair rinse is also beneficial.

Try Spraying peroxide using the same method above, full strength from the bottle with a sprayer attached.

I recommend using certified organic unscented bath soap for bathing.

It is beneficial to wear clothing with natural fibers that won't restrict airflow.

Step 2: Diet

Diet plays a big big part in how our body reacts to the things we eat and drink. A diet of heavy red meats, sugar, caffeine, spices, garlic,peppers,and highly process foods (to name a few),can cause many problems we have with hair, skin, and fingernails. Reducing or eliminating these from our diet can be very beneficial in remedying the problems. Eating organic fresh fruits,vegetables,and drinking plenty of filtered water have been known to reduce a lot of these side effects. Some medications are the culprits of some of these problems;a talk with your physician might be helpful. He may be able to change your prescription.

Many of the Petro chemical based fertilizers used by the American agriculture are not natural. Although the plant does very well and looks healthy; the fruit and vegetables produced by the plant does not have the nutrients that our bodies need. It is the difference between mother's natural milk and baby formula.If you have ever raised baby calves you know that the babies thrived much better on mothers milk than the commercial formula for calves.

Craving Carbs can be an indication your body lacks nutrients. When you crave carbs, eat something with a lot of nutrients to reduce those cravings. Skipping meals can cause a person to crave carbs.Sometimes cravings can indicate a serious health problem. A search on the internet can shed some light. See a doctor to get the necessary test done.

If you are taking medication or have health problems consult your doctor before going on a diet or adding any vitamin or mineral supplements to your diet because certain foods, vitamins, or minerals can react with your medication in a negative way; which can cause some serious problems. For instance, if you are taking a blood thinner and ingest a large amount of dark greens which contains vitamin K, it could reduce the effects of the medication.

Step 3: Loss of Hair

Poor nutrition is the number one cause of hair loss. A few months ago all of the sudden my hair began to fall out by the handfuls and became very dry and brittle. I had no clue what was going on but I knew something was causing this. I happen to really like Pepsi, in fact; I love the stuff.I have an on and off relationship with it and know it is a very bad thing to drink but the good news is that is about the only bad thing I drink. I suspected that I was not drinking enough water so I quit drinking Pepsi altogether and drank more water and exchanged Pepsi for Green tea.

Within a few days my hair quit falling out. I recommend simple changes a little here and there when trying to figure out what your body is telling you. Too many changes at one time can cause a shock to your system and doing this won't give you an accurate conclusion as to what might be helping your situation. Dehydration,Thyroid disorders,scalp infection,and pregnancy can cause your hair to fall out. Lack of nutrients, protein, and copper are a few things that can cause your hair to fall out. Hair loss can be caused by genetics or hormones, especially in men.Permanents, hair coloring, and excessive braiding can cause hair loss. Sometimes it can be permanent if not caught soon enough. Chemicals in hair care products can cause scalp problems.Beware of drinking bottle water that has 0 nutritional values or distilled water. I have read a lot of doctor's articles that these drinks are not a healthy choice. I haven't decided what types are water are the best to drink but many mention filtered water.


Change diet by eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables and taking organic supplements.

Drink plenty of filtered water.

I recommend using the gentle natural products if you are having problems with your hair or skin.

I think it is important to have a very good hairbrush and comb that will not pull on the hair. I am still trying to find a good hairbrush that won't damage my hair. I have purchased a Fuller brand hair brush but I did not like it.

I think it is best to comb the hair with a wide tooth comb than to use a hair brush after shampooing.

Vinegar is a great hair rinse to balance the PH of your hair. I usually make a mixture of half water and half vinegar and keep it in a plastic spray bottle in the shower. I spray it on my clean hair and let it set for several minutes and rinse it with cold water.

Jojoba oil is one of the oils that is the closest to your bodies natural oils and is a good ingredient to add moisture to dry hair and for scalp massaging to increase circulation. You can add it directly to your hair or add it to your conditioner.

Step 4: Fingernail Fungus

I wanted to make a point to share this information about fingernail fungus. Artificial fingernails can contribute to nail fungus because they are acrylic and if they are not secure a gap is formed between the artificial nail and the fingernail and water gets trapped in-between the two and creates a perfect environment for fungus to grow and it is very difficult to get rid of. Fingernail fungus can be caused by weakened immune system, diabetics, pregnancy, and chemicals.


There are many home remedies for killing fingernail fungus but Vinegar is a common ingredient in the home and by mixing a solution of half water and half vinegar and soaking the fingernails for thirty minutes one to two times a day until the fungus is gone should remedy the problem. Make sure you dry your finger nail and hands thoroughly.This method works for toenails also.A blow dryer is a good thing to use to get under the fingernail.

It is probably best not to use fake nails several weeks to make sure all the fungus is gone.

Again I recommend using natural products. There are companies who are selling fingernail polish that is healthier than other brands. I recommend thorough research because under the natural law companies are not required to list all the ingredients of their products under certain criteria but I don't know what they are. I believe, the companies that do list all of the ingredients are more honest about their products contents and probably are better choices under the circumstances because they are not hiding anything.

This is something you need to decide for yourself.

Step 5: Skin

People who have acne, skin rashes,and other types of skin disorders find it frustrating when applying make-up. Our bodies are sensitive and when our hormones are active and changing they can cause skin irritations. Sometimes the products we use for our bodies can cause skin irritations.Of course sometimes skin rashes can be caused by a medical condition.

Here is a study from Portland State University "toxic effects on the skin" University study that is an interesting article that in part supports what I have been saying about toxic chemicals in this instructable. Our skin is like a large sponge that absorbs these chemicals from bath products and toxic chemicals around us and begins the elimination process by expelling impurities through the skin.


Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, omega 3, whole grains, and taking good quality organic supplements could help the body through the expelling process.

Drinking filtered water speeds up the process.

Using good quality organic bath, and beauty products.

Honey is a very good remedy to fight bacteria and is an amazing skin moisturizer. I use it a lot for my face and hands. It is quite sticky and messy so I recommend doing this in the bathtub. Lather it on your face and hands and let it absorb for twenty minutes. Rinse under the shower and be sure to remove all the honey residue during the summer or the ants might find the tiny bits of honey in the tub.

You can't go wrong with Jojoba oil. It is getting expensive but it it well worth the money. It will probably be cheaper online unless you have a discount store that sells it. I use a tablespoon in my bath water, on my face, I add it to conditioner, and use it after shaving.If you shower, you can apply jojoba oil on you wet skin when you get out of the shower and then dry off.

Step 6: Other Options

Last but not least. My husband has had chronic anemia for over ten years. I have tried everything to get his iron up to a normal level. He has had a dozen or more doctors and each of them had different opinions if an iron supplement would be beneficial for him. Because of this I started giving him Liquid Chlorophyll. When he does not take it he is extremely tired. The Chlorophyll has helped but it has never raised his iron count.

I have been giving him a dietary supplement for about a year. He noticed a difference in his energy level but still no iron improvement in his blood test. My daughter uses this same supplement because she is a vegan and has had anemia before. She suggested I double the dose of the supplement.

He has been taking 2 teaspoons three times a day for two months now. His recent iron count for his blood work was normal for iron for the first time in ten years. That is amazing. Not to mention he is a lot more active because he is not tired anymore.

The reason I am sharing this is because in the past he has had smelly feet even though he did all the things that I mentioned in this instructable. It would have been worse if he had not changed out his shoes, wore cotton socks, or washed his feet twice a day using the vinegar or peroxide and took the chlorophyll. So, the supplement not only increased his iron count but it removed his foot odor completely.

The only downfall to taking the supplement is it is expensive. But his health is worth the investment. The supplement is a powdered substance that is added to a glass of water. I add lemon juice to it so his body will absorb more of the iron and he might be able to reduce the amount he is taking when his body begins to balance out.

Again I must stress if you are pregnant or have health problems consult your doctor before changing your diet or adding supplements. Vitamins and minerals are much like food items, combining certain ones will increase the amount your body will absorb. Iron is one thing that you really need to be careful with because taking too much can damage the liver and kidneys.Iron is not stored in the body and iron that is not used will be dumped into the liver or kidneys. Please consult your doctor. Most vitamins should be taken in the morning with the meal. Minerals are better absorbed with vitamin C. I suggest researching this subject so you receive all the benefits from the supplements.

I asked a friend of mine when my husband should take his supplements (I gave her specific supplement names) (she works in the medical field and specializes in herbal medicine) she told me (for my husbands medications ) I should give him his supplements 1/2 hour before he eats or takes his medication or two hours after he eats and takes his medication.

I make it a habit to search the internet for customers reviews about certain supplements before I buy them. I do not read the reviews from websites that sell them. Not all of these supplements are created equal.

Step 7: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

To sum it up, I hope that this information will help you get relief from some of the problems I mentioned here.I hope by using them you will have healthy glowing sweet smelling skin and healthy shiny thick hair. The money you save can be spent on higher quality beauty products that are healthier for you. The things I mentioned here I have used for many years. The only one I haven't used was the green drink.

I wish to thank contributors for making this a great place to share. Thanks so much for stopping by and do have a safe and happy summer~


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