Introduction: Remember to Drink Water

Drinking water was important to a person. You must drink more than 3000 millilitres of water every day. Nowadays a lot of people would forget to drink water when they are doing their jobs, and this is a serious problem. Although, we make up this device that would remind you to drink water. The things we make out was just a prototype. Later, the device could have more features, and become more lightly and small. It could become an important device to human, save those who forgot to drink water.Help them gets away from been sicked.

Step 1: Found Out All the Materials You Needs

- Arduino Leonardo

- Breadboard(EIC-1102)

- Ultrasonic Ranging(HC-SR04)

- Speaker

- Display panel

- Wire ()

Step 2: Setup the Things You Need

Setup all the material as the picture says. You must be careful when you are connecting the lines because the line was really weak, it is very easy to break, so you must be careful.

Step 3: How to Write the Program

Write down the program as what the picture says. Then, you setup your materials. You are already being closed from finishing the device.

Step 4: Finished

After all of these steps, you could build up your device. The device could make people remember to drink water, it could teaches the kids too. The only things is you must remember to drink water when it reminds you, do not just take it and put back.