Introduction: Remembering Ring in the Time of a Pandemic

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I wear this simple ring made with a 3D Printer to remember to wash my hands and to remember not to touch my face. But mostly I wear it to remember all those folks that have suffered.


A 3D printer, finger, common sense, cleanliness, empathy and kindness.

Step 1: Printing Ring

I used the simple ring in Basic Shapes on ThinkerCad and an Ender 3 printer. But use what ever material you wish. I sized the ring to my ring finger with calipers.

Step 2: Not Until Covid-19 Is Finished

I will not take my remembering ring off until everyone is safe.

Step 3: Be Kind

The most important act I want to remember is that in the time of a pandemic it is so important to be kind and caring to all the folk we meet.

See you on the other side of this

God bless America