Introduction: Remote Shutter Trigger for Digital Cameras

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Make a remote shutter release for your canon digital camera (and some other brands such as Pentax, sony, and some nikons) for about 3 bucks in under 5 minutes, even a 1st grader can do this. This is great for getting the perfect exposure, and enables you to go past the 30 second exposure offered with canon cameras. I use this on my Canon Digital Rebel SLR and it works every time...

Step 1: Hands Free Phone Headset $3

First you'll need a "hands free" headset for phones, Make sure it is one of the kinds with a button about 8 inch below the ear piece. And make sure its a 3/32-inch (2.5-mm) plug (like the plug on a pair of Regular headphones, but one size smaller). I took a pic next to a quarter so you can make sure its the right size. Usually anything for Motorola phones should have this

I found one for $3 at a store called Big Lots (its like a step up from the dollar store) and better yet my g/f works there so i got 20% off!

Step 2: Cut Off the Ear Peice

Use a knife or something to gently pry open the electronic housing. Inside is a switch leading to a microphone. a wire leading out to the plug, and a wire leading out to the ear piece. Cut the wire leading to the ear piece. TEST this in your camera, if it doesnt work, the microphone might have to be carefully removed. it all depends on the model of your headset.

Step 3: Replace Housing

Now just make sure everything is back in place and then close back up, if needed tie a SMALL knot in the wire to make sure it doesn't get yanked out. The soldering doesn't look very strong on these....

Step 4: ENJOI

plug in your camera and have fun, if you set your exposure to bulb, the shutter will stay open till you let go of the button. And it looks WAY cooler than any of the other homemade ones made out of stuff like film canisters, or pill bottles, I made 3 and sold them on craigslist for $20 each, and this instructable won the instructables "tool tips" contest which got me a free shnazzy shirt

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