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Introduction: Remove Skunk Smell From Fido

About: I am a stay at home mommy of a devilish 3 year old little girl Luna. I have to be imaginative in order to keep her from becoming another couch potato/video gamer stitistic. Craft or die baby! Craft or die!

We have all smelled that horrible stench of skunk spray. But have you had the luxury of trying to get that smell out of Rovers fur? Tomato juice doesn't help but covers. And only for a short time. I have the cure all to rid Fido of that odorous perfume for good (or until he goes out to play with Pe Pe Le Pew)

Step 1: So, Buster Out Making Friends With the Local Stinker, Huh?

If you have a dog(or had one) you probably have seen how they are drawn to skunks. If you are like me and my Gina, a patter dale terrier, then your pooch is ADDICTED to them. Here I show you how to rid mans best friend of that icky smell quickly and effectively. I myself couldn't smell the skunk smell untill I got pregnant with my young Luna. And I grew up in Texas!

Step 2: First We Have to Asess

Sniff sniff whew! Yup, got sprayed again! (LOL)

Step 3: Gather Materials

All this requires is plain 'ol hydrogen peroxide and Palmolive! I recommend Palmolive yet I am sure others may work. I grew up with the best so why not continue no?

Step 4: Now to Wash That Dog!

OOps wrong dog! LOL

Step 5: Here We Go!

Grab the hose and give her a good rinse. Skunk spray is oil based so this only helps to wash and lather. Mix in a bowl peroxide and soap. At a 2:1 ratio peroxide:Palmolive. Give Fluffy a nice scrub. Rinse, repeat. After the second scrubbing she should be smelling sweet as, well, as Palmolive! If the weather is nice let her run and roll in the dirt if she's like mine! Cold? Dry that baby so she doesn't catch her death! And there ya have it folks! Nice clean, non skunk smelling pooch. And my first instructable! Thank you for sharing in this moment with me. POP!

Step 6:

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    8 years ago

    I have 3 patterdale terriers also :) Indy(brown)and Annie(black) and Bruno (orange).


    8 years ago on Introduction

    My Blue Heeler had a goround with a skunk, I tried the tomato juice. didn't work, tried a several other remedy's that people swore up and down would work. I guess they had a sick sense of humor. finally I was in the bathroom one night preparing for a me shower when my eyes lit upon a bottle of cologne I hadn't been able to use because it was too strong, T got dressed took the bottle out and sprayed her with that. the smell was bearable and it took a couple of applications before the skunk smell wore off, but this sounds much better. thanks!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be a lot better if you used your own photos, instead of googled images.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the constructive critism. It's hard to think of the camera when your dog smells that bad LOL