Introduction: Renaissance Costumes - Celtic Warrior Costume

Hi Everyone,

All of these costumes were made by hand.

I wanted to share with everyone some costumes I made last year for the Renaissance Festival here in Texas. My costume (Women's Renaissance Costume) was made completely out of recycled curtains. I actually scoured my local thrift store and searched for the perfect fabrics. It just goes to show you what you can produce on a budget. LOL My costume was made competely without patterns. In fact the skirt is merely long regctangles of fabric with elasatic at the waist. Something comfortable but fitted. The bodice is lined with satin fabric from curtains, and the top was made with white curtains and sheer panel curtains. The whole costume cost me about $20 to make.

My boyfriend's costume (Big Guy w/ the Hat/Feathers) was made completely by hand as well (excluding his hat). In fact when I made his Kilt, it was made without a pattern, and I used old belts to sew on to the Kilt to fasten the sides. He looks very stylish doesn't he. :-)

Now boyfriend's son wanted a costume too. He had a Kilt the year before, but wanted something different, so he presented me with the Celtic Warrior picture to the far right from a costume website (white background), and that was my inspiration. I tried to come as close as possible without a commerical pattern, but I think we did okay. I didn't make his tights, we actually bought those - try to save time where you can.

I hope you like these. This year I'll be starting on an entirely new outfit for boyfriend and I. Hopefully I can come up with something a little fancier smancier. We've been going to the Renaissance Festival for years now, so be sure to stop us if you see us and tell us hello.

The next posting I do, I will provide you with detailed instructions on how I sew these, and possibly some videos too. A lot of times you can just take clothes that fit you rather well and use them to draft patterns from. Be creative and let your imagination soar! :-)


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