Introduction: Repair DigiTech XTD Tone Driver Overdrive

If your Pedal effects DigiTech XTD has the following problems:

- When the red LED does not turn on

- Pedal does not turn on the power supply or batteries

- Switches off

- Includes but is not turned off

It is necessary to check the power unit of the pedal.

Step 1: Dismantling

This can be done as follows:

- Turn off the bottom bolts

- Remove the knob tone volume ...

- Take out the pedal board

Step 2: Diagnostics

We examine the site of the motherboard - highlighted in red.

It should be:

- Damaged parts of parts and board

- Electrolytic capacitors must not be thick (not need to be inflated)

Step 3: Repair

Now we need to see and check the switching regulator LM2574M 3.3V.

He is responsible for the power supply on the pedal and its on / off.

The procedure for inclusion of the standard and appearance of the controller, you can see an images.

We need to change in the voltage regulator LM2574M, which provides output 3.3 volts. Do not change to LM2574M, which gives 5 Volt output - it can damage the audio processor effects pedal.

Desoldering very carefully - track card may be damaged due to overheating.

Then podkllyuchaem cable from the power supply and electric guitar and check the operation.
If you did everything right - the red LED will light turn on.

Instruction in Russian you can find on our website: Cubozoa