Introduction: VOX WAH V847 As an Expression Pedal to AUTO WAH (BEHRINGER DW400)

Expression Pedal, including auto-WAH pedal is actually quite primitive structure and contains most of the variable resistor (potentiometer), which is connected to the TRS jack. Therefore, standard pedals, such as Behringer DW 400 can pedal instead of the native expression of such use conventional pedal WAH, in our case it will be VOX V847.

Step 1: We Need:

  • 2 connector jack TRS, to connect them with each other, or ready-made cable with two ends which TRS plug.
    soldering iron, solder, a little wire
  • LED and a fixed resistor of any value by 0.5K to 1.5k
  • jack TRS (stereo)
  • switch, preferably double-ON-ON

Parse VOX V847, drill holes for the LED, stereo jack and switch. LED is better to take bright to be seen under the feet of the pedal is on or not.

Toggle switch and socket I put on the side where there is an output jack. The switch is better to take a double, if a little clueless "wires and a soldering iron", it is possible to put and single. It is necessary to cut off the pedal just in case of power when it is used as an expression pedal to the auto-WAH.

Step 2: Install

Fasten the whole thing on the body Vox.
The second side of the tumbler use to connect the output jacks. As a result, the toggle switch should look like this:

On the right switch (white wire) - the inclusion of a potentiometer pedal VOX our new nest TRS, left (white and red) - including pedal Vox. Ie when the power is turned on the pedal, we chop off the output jack on the expression pedal on auto wah.

Then look at the wiring diagram TRS jacks for Behringer DW 400 (shown in picture).

We have obtained such wiring: White wire (two right) on the tumbler VOX, which include, disable our potentiometer, connect a stereo jack on the body (Sleeve), the other is grafted onto the panel potentiometer VOX. Next to the red panel potentiometer VOX solder on contact sockets Ring and left (black) on the TIP contact Jack. Basically that's it. Cable connections and VOX Behringer ready to buy or solder a very stupidly connect two jacks interconnected them. Putting the pedal hem to our Behringer DW400, click switch off, thus connecting the potentiometer VOX expression pedal and listen to how it all works together. Of course denomination potentiometer VOX less than it should be at the Behringer expression pedal, but also works.