Introduction: Repair IPhone 5 USB Cable!!!

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So the thing is, you enter to your home and suddenly your dog has eaten and broken your iPhone 5 USB cable, what to do now? Just read this instructable and watch the vids, and your cable will be up to live again.

Step 1: Disarming the Damaged Extreme.

Almost always the damage of this kind of cables are in the smaller part, the iPhone plug extreme itself, so what you have to do is to cut it totally off and with a cutter remove the plastic cover, doing it soflty in order to reuse that cover again. When you have removed the plastic cover, use the cutter to remove the white gum that protects the little board that has the contacts where the damaged cables are welded.

Watch the video to see how it's done!!

Step 2: Preparing the Inner Cables.

Now you have to cut the remaining damaged inner cables, the red, green, white and black cables. Then peel a little bit the extreme of each one of them. Cut some of shrink tube, thicker than the main cable, and introduce the main cable through the shrink tube, lower the shrink tube over the main cable for using it later. Once you have done that, with the solder pump and the soldering iron remove the excess of tin over the contacts of the circuit.

Step 3: Resoldering the Cables on the Circuit.

In this step we are going to solder the inner cables, red, white, green and black to the contacts in the circuit. In order to do this first, each peeled extreme of cable must be surrounded with tin, to do this heat the peeled extreme with the tip of the soldering iron and put some of tin over the peeled extreme, this way the extreme will be surrounded by thin, and it will be easier to solder in his respective contact in the circuit.

When you have all of the inner cables surrounded by tin, grab the red cable, the positive line, and put it over the first contact on the right corner, if you see the iPhone plug with its tip pointing at you. When the peeled extreme of the cable is over the contact put the tip of the soldering iron above the peeled extremen and the tin will metl and weld the exteme with the contact.

Now do the same process for the black cable, the negative line, the contact for the black cable is the one on the left corner, if you see the iPhone plug with its tip pointing at you.

Same thing with the white cable, that one goes near the red cable, so the white cable would be in the contact at the left of the red cable. Also the same with the green cable, that one goes near the black cable, so the green cable would be in the contact at the rigth of the black cable.

Watch the video to see how it's done!!!

Step 4: Covering Everything Back.

Now that all of the inner cables are welded and without problems of short circuit, grab that shrink tube which you pass through in the previous steps. Take the shrink tube and cover the little circuit of the plug, then heat the shrink tube using the soledering iron, when the shrink tube has covered all of the innner cables and circuit grab the plastic cover that was removed at the beginning and put it in its original place, covering the shrink tube and everything else. When you have put the plastic cover, you just have to connect tha USB cable to your PC o charger and test it!!

Watch the video to see how it's done and the results.

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