Introduction: Repair Your Bike's Mudguard Holder With Duckttape

Specially in Winter, Fall and Spring seasons there is a lot of water and that nasty sludge on the road. So you need your mudguards fixed, centered and stable. This is the function of the holders.

But if only one of them gets loose or brakes at the tip (like it happened to me), you cannot repair it easily (spare parts are tough to get).

But with your 1001 use Duckttape you can!

Step 1: Clean - Reposition

Clean surface, reposition the holder on to the mudguard. Must be greaseless and dry. Or the tape won't stick.

Step 2: Cut - Apply

Cut or tear the duckttape to the proper length. See second picture. Don't overextend, but don't make it too short.
Apply on the mudguard.

Step 3: 2 Halves and a Twist

Cut or tear the sides that stretch over the mudguard in half. This will make it easier to twist on the handle. One strip from top over to back, and the other strip from bottom over to back.

Step 4: Secure and RIDE ON!

Tear or cut one more piece of duckttape and halve it.

Use each piece and wrap it around both holders to secure the tape used in previous step.

Hop on the bike and RIDE ON!