Introduction: Repair of Too Damaged Pair of Pants

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Imagine this lovely large pair of pants in a very light and fluid fabrics, very comfortable, and you decide, crazy idea, to ride bicycle while wearing it.

Obviously, the fabrics takes itself in the bicycle chain and tears.

You love this pair of pants so much !

But it is too damaged, too light and fluid to be sewn as usually, neither by hands, nor sewing machine. Nevertheless, there is a solution.

Step 1: What You Need :

- Large adhesive tape, for example painters' tape, this one which do not scratch the paint when you remove it

- Some thermo-activated stiffening canvas, the one you use to reinforce shirt collar in dressmaking (this one was provided by my friend Solène at Sudocoud, my loving creative haberdashery)

- Iron

- Sewing kit (for the hem)

Step 2: Prepare the Support :

Undo carefully the pants' hem.

Fix on your ironing table a square of adhesive tape, sticky side up to you.

Important trick : if you are not sure of the reaction of your adhesive tape under ironing, try it before use by fixing on the tape an old rag and apply iron : so you can check that the adhesive glue will not damage the fabrics.

Step 3: Restore the Fabrics :

Apply the external face of the fabrics on the adhesive tape, and try to join the edges as close as possible in contact, even if there are some threads missing, try to arrange the pieces onto the tape in order to have the maximum recovery. Be careful if the fabrics have some patterns, try to redraw it as precise as possible. In this example, we must be careful with the orange lines.

Step 4: Iron Thermo-adhesive Canvas :

Put a square of thermo-adhesive stiffening canvas on the pants, on a larger area than the one to repair, sticking part facing the pants and roughened part facing the iron, then iron it

Put another square of thermo-adhesive canvas on the first one, but with the fabrics weft perpendicular to the previous one, in order to strengthen the pants in all directions of shearing. Iron it.

Step 5: Finish :

Take off the pants from the tape, mark the pleat of the hem with the iron and sew the hem.

Make a final ironing.

That can't be perfect, due to the huge dammage caused by the bicycle, but its invisible enough so you can wear it again !

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