Introduction: Repairing a French Easel

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Here is an image of the french easel that I repaired. 
Notice one of the support legs (shown in the image as the right side) was replaced with a temporary support until I re-glue the broken piece. 

The french easel is made well and is still a bit delicate if you are too rough with it. The broken portion was created by someone forcing the easel open without loosening the side pieces.

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Step 1: Identify Broken Part

Here is an image of the broken piece of the french easel which I removed from the easel and then took off the hardware on so that I could reuse the mountain hardware on the replacement piece. 

I made it at Techshop

Step 2: Working Side of French Easel

Here is an image of what the working french easel side looks like. The quick goal of this project was to get a working french easel with both sides that were even until the original could be glued back together and used again in the future. 

Step 3: Replaced Side

Broken side of french easel as replaced with a temporary support to create a working easel. Note the second image where it shows what the easel looks like in detail without this required piece to help the easel maintain its proper position. 

During this project I took special care to make a replacement part that was sanded within a few millimeters of the original part that was broken.

Step 4: Replace Broken Side

To replace the broken side 

1) remove broken wood
2) remove all hardware
3) measure and assess working piece from other side
4) duplicate dimensions for temporary replacement piece
5) re-install and use for art

**note: down the road I will attempt to glue the original back together and reuse the hardwood although because when i removed the broken piece it is in poor to bad repair this might not work to glue it back together and the temporary fix may remain as a permanent fix.

Step 5: End Result. a Great Working French Easel

After a few hours and a large Mexican Coca Cola I achieved a fixed french easel that fits into the proper position and is strong enough to hold its form during use. Overall this project was a great idea because it took a non working item and through some time in the wood shop the easel is now working great and back in use. 

FYI: When working with a french easel make sure that the drawer is always secure before picking it up off the ground. This is achieved by closing the easel portion with the drawer already all the way inside of the easel.