Introduction: Replace Engine Air Filter

Replace Engine Air Filter

Doing car maintenance could be impossible to do it by yourself, however, there are some easy maintenance you can do it without any tools. Changing the air filter in your car is one of the easiest maintenance you can do it by you own. Base on the website, the air filter should be replaced no more than 30,000 miles. (Moor)

The main reason why you need to change you air filter is that a dirty air filter can have a negative effect on your car’s performance.

Do not worried that you do not have the right air filter for your car, following though my steps can lead you finish this job perfectly.


Air Filter and Owner’s manual

Step 1: Finding and Buying the New Engine Air Filter.

You can go to any auto part website to look for the air filter for your car, such as : O’Reily (

Here are the steps of finding the right air filter for your car.

1. Go to the website and click “categories”, then select “Filters”.

2. Then, click on the Air Filter.

3. After choosing the Air Filter, enter your car information and click “add vehicle”. (I am using the 2012 Nissan Maxiam SV 6V as example at there)

4. After your click “add vehicle”, the website shows the right air filter right below. You can either buy it online or finding the right air filter from the local store.

Step 2: Open the Hook.

Finding the button on the driver side to open the hook.

To fully open the hook, press the switch under the hook.

Step 3: Located and Open the Hosing

Locate the hosing by Looking for the “Engine compartment check locations” in your owner’s manual.

undone the clamps to open the Air cleaner.

Remove the old filter and replace it with the new filter.

Close the housing.

Step 4: In Conclusion:

The engine air filter can keep the dirt, dust, and debris from entering the engine’s cylinders. Then, Replacing the air filter allows the clearer air to get into the engine and increase your car performance. At the same time, the clear air filter also can increase the gas mileage.

Citation: Moor, Tom. “How Often Should I Replace My Engine Filter?” Angie's List | Join for FREE to See 10 Million Verified Reviews, 22 Jan. 2016,