Introduction: Replacing the Case of an Xbox 360 Controller

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In this instuctable I will show you how to replace the case of an xbox controller if it was broken or you want a different colour shell.

Step 1: What You Need

You Need:
  • A spare controller case (You can get a full coloured set off Amazon for about £4
  • A T9 Security screwdriver (Available at maplin for about a fiver)
  • Patience
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • A spare Xbox Controller (working)

Step 2: Dissasembly

Disassembling the case can be tricky or annoying.
First thing you want to do is take out the battery. Then you want to remove all 7 screws.
It may look like there are only 6 screws but one is hiding under the bar code in the battery clip. You will want to use a Torx T9 Security screwdriver for this.

The pry open the casing, if necessary use a small flat head screw driver.
Next remove the silicone pieces from behind the d pad AXYB buttons and set them aside.
The thumb sticks just pull off then set them aside as well.
Remove all buttons and make sure all screws are in a small tub so they are not lost.
To remove the circuit board just list out the plastic piece at the bottom then starting from the bottom lift and pull towards you.
The motors then just come out
DO NOT PULL OUT THE D PAD!!! There are 2 small Phillips head screws unscrew put them in a safe place and then pull out the d pad the front will fall off with you pulling it.
Disassembly completed!

Step 3: Reconstruction

This is the step where you get your new pieces and put them all together.
Put pieces back in in this order:
  1. D-pad
  2. Buttons
  3. Silicone button backs
  4. Plastic bottom
  5. Circuit after replacing the thumb sticks for the colour you want (To put in go triggers first)
  6. LB and RB
  7. Back half
  8. Screw
If you bought a new shell then use the parts that came with it otherwise reuse the parts you took out

Please Post Your results in the comments

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