Repurpose CD Album Cover Art in Giant Wall Collage.




Introduction: Repurpose CD Album Cover Art in Giant Wall Collage.

I had an idea as I was condensing my CD collection into a file box. The thought was to show off all these CD covers in a giant collage.So I went to local art store and bought a 48"x48" canvas.

I used Elmer's spray glue to put the covers on the canvas. It took me about a month of on and off work to complete the poster. I used a paper slicer/cutter as well as scissors.

I think it looks pretty cool. I haven't decided if I am going to seal it /coat it with polyurethane or something. 

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    happi cat #71

    Awsome! I love the idea of a collage! Maybe if you had enough covers you could group the same color covers and make a symmetrical design or what not. I think this could also be done w/ gum wrappers, maybe. That might put a good dent in my unhealthy amount of collected gum wrappers.xD =^,,^=