Introduction: Repurposed Flower Containers

We here at YAAW are going to show you a new resourceful way to use the trash left after art exhibitions!

Step 1: Dig for Your Containers

In a place, such as your Visual Arts Department,....FIND TRASH. It should be fairly easy to find because it's just the big pile of stuff that everyone seems to avoid. You will need to dig through this trash and find suitable containers. Remember, people will look at you funny as you begin to embark on your search.

Have fun...and be safe...unlike us who did not wear any protection whatsoever.....

Step 2: Do Your Research

You'd hope it'd be as easy as just filling your container with dirt and tossing in seeds....BUT IT'S NOT. So do your research, we all want these to grow right...right?

Google, your phone, your local farmer, and books are your friends.

Step 3: Gather and Assemble

So,  you've done your research, dug through trash, and now is the plot twist - IT WAS ALL FOR A REASON. Assemble what you'll need to make your trash into a proper home for your future flower children like plugging in any large gaping holes in your containers with epoxy, a super strong glue which smells of tuna salad, provided by your friendly Visual Arts staff or simply masking tape, etc. BUILD.

Step 4: Seal Your Container(If Needed)

So dirt doesn't stay in a container if there is a large hole. Seal it! For example, we took a paint can lid and used hot glue/epoxy to turn our broken vase into a suitable container. Let dry for 5-10 minutes before adding soil.

Step 5: Put in Dirt and Plant Seeds!

The shining moment is upon's planting time! Stick in your dirt and stick in your seeds.

Some seeds have instructions that come with them, but you don't need them because you have this instructable and your research. Trust us we know what to do.

Okay maybe you should read the instructions just in case.

Step 6: Water Your Seeds

Water makes the world go round.

It also makes your seeds grow.

We found cute little salt shakers to water our seeds. Do what you will.

Step 7: Set Your Seeds in the Sun...unless They Don't Require Sun

...Pretty Self Explanatory, but smile nonetheless.

Step 8: Look at the Fruits of Your Labor

And watch them sprout! There is something satisfying about growing something. :)

Look at the cute little sprouties.