Introduction: Repurposed Lamp

Creating a lamp from materials layin around the garage. Not only a usable lamp but a work of art to be displayed and make a great conversation piece

Step 1: Body of Lamp

Stretch chain right on welding table and tack weld each link together so that it will remain straight once on bolted from your welding table. I added a tow hook to mine because I’m a tow truck driver. Personalize it

Step 2: Lamp Shade

Use an existing lamp shade and roll it across your sheet metal while tracing its path. Then cut it the sheet metal out. Use an old coat hanger and create a skeleton for your lamp Shade. I used a spring loaded punch to hold the shape of my lamp shade instead of rivets or bolts

Step 3: Assembly

Run cord through your chain and out the bottom put a light bulb in your lamp and put your lamp
Shade on top