Introduction: Repurposing Containers for Pantry Storage

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I have a small pantry that I like to keep very well stocked, filled with different ingredients just waiting to become something yummy. Storage is always an issue as there are so many different sized bags, boxes and tubs to be arranged. Many times I have tried to approach an organized area so that I can see what I have and just struggled trying to find a way to make my space work with me, not against me.

Now I love a good barista brewed cup of fancy coffee as much as anyone, but at home it's simple. A hot cup of strong, bold coffee, a spoon of sugar and a spoon of powdered creamer. Yes, I said powdered creamer, I know, but I love it! Since my husband drinks his that way as well, we buy the jumbo container in order to get the best price. Then one day it dawned on me - the answer to my pantry storage needs.

These containers are the perfect size, they are designed to fit on a shelf and be stacked, they have wide openings so scooping into them with a measuring cup is easy, they are obviously food safe plastic, they hold a good amount...the pros go on and on.

The con of the plan is that the product information is a permanent part of the container, not a label that will just peel away. Here is my solution to that, how I made matching storage containers and FINALLY got my pantry under control, I hope it gives you some ideas of ways to "reduce, reuse, recycle" some of your commonly purchased items as well.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

This is a project I completed from extras that I had laying around, except for the paint. As I mentioned, the containers are from regular items I use all the time. The fabric was a piece I had left over from some other project as well as the ribbon.

All you really need is a container, glue, some tape and a plastic bag, spray primer and paint, a rubber band and various embellishments, a couple of hours including drying time and you will have a storage container that really works in any pantry.

It does help if it is something that you buy regularly, that way you can continue to build a uniform storage solution to suit your needs.

Step 2: Prepare the Container for Primer and Paint

I use a gallon sized zip bag for this. Open the bag and place it inside the container. Tape the bag all around the edge of the top surface, sealing the inside. This step keeps any paint from getting inside the container and making it no longer food safe storage. I wrap a long piece of tape around the outer edge just below the threads of the container, this area will be covered when lid is in place.

Step 3: Prime the Container

I wanted to make sure that the paint would adhere well to these containers so I used the spray primer for plastics, just to be safe. It is a clear coating, a light spray and an hour of drying time and I was ready to paint.

Step 4: Painting the Container

Using the spray paint for plastic I gave the container a light and even coat, turning it over to paint all surfaces. If your container has a hand grip make sure to spray into the recessed areas to cover evenly. I left them to dry for about 1 hour and then gave it second coat. While the paint is drying, I went inside to work on the lids.

Step 5: Adhere Cloth to the Lid (Step 1)

If you like the lid color with the paint color you have chosen you can skip this step. I chose the dark brown paint and really didn't like the look of the red lids so I went looking for a solution. I had some fabric that went well, and a spool of ribbon so that is what I chose. You could paint or stencil them easily enough.

I used craft glue spread evenly across the top with my wet finger, pressed the fabric square and smoothed out any wrinkles. Then I spread glue around the sides and hold the fabric in place with a rubber band.

You could paint the lids instead, just be sure to protect any areas that might come in contact with the foods you will be storing inside. Or don't do either, or put stickers on the lids - what ever works for you!!

Step 6: Adhere Cloth to the Lid (Step 2)

After placing the rubber band around the side of the lid, I take a toothpick and place glue around the edges and tuck the fabric all around and let dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 7: Embellish the Lid With Ribbon and Trim Excess Cloth

Place a small amount of glue around the edges, just enough to hold the ribbon and work your way around trimming the ribbon when you are almost done going around the lid. Then just trim the excess cloth all the way up to the lids lip.

Step 8: Finish the Container

After the paint has had time to dry, pull the tape from around the lip of the container exposing the threads for the lid. Screw on a finished lid, print a label and apply it to the container and there is your finished container, let's see what it looks like in my Pantry!

Step 9: Finished Containers in My Pantry

Now I have not only a well stocked pantry, but a well organized one also. It makes things so much easier when I don't have to dig for ingredients, everything I need is at my fingertips, clearly labeled and waiting for me to fill with something yummy!

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