Introduction: Resin Finish Swampwood LED Nightlight DIY Homemade


Materials & tools

a piece of dry swampwood

a piece beech board

a piece of leather

dc power supply

2 xenon white LED`s

miniature switch

dc socket



shrinking tube

clear epoxy resin

clear lacquer










4mm, 5mm, 10mm driller

forester`s drill

wooden dowel


2 components filler

Step 1: The Base

Mark the stand from the swampwood on a piece of cardboard. Mark a second layer and cut it out. Mark it on a piece of beech board. Saw it with a jigsaw. Cut the cardboard again and mark it again on the beech board. Round the edges to the mark.

Step 2: Epoxy & Electronics

Coat the swampwood with clear epoaxy resin. Let it dry and brush a second layer. Tape the base and mark the stand from the swampwood. Mark the place for the LED`s and drill 4mm holes for it.Mark the space that you need for the electronics. Drill a 5mm hole for the switch and a 10mm hole for the dc plug. Coat it twice with clear lacquer.Solder the electronics and check if everything is working fine.

Step 3: Finish

Drill a hole for wooden dowel a in the base and in the swampwood. Glue the swampwood and the base togehter. Fill the underside with 2 components filler. Mark the stand on the underside from a piece of leather. Cut the leather and glue it on the underside. Flame carefully the edges. Stick the dc plug in it and enjoy.

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