Introduction: Resin Moon Ring Table

Resin covered Moon Ring inspired end table. Lots of resin, some iridescent pigments, lots of stirring & fast pouring. Followed by lots of waiting

Step 1: Step One Prep

Sand table and paint black (spray paint is ok)

Step 2: Tape Edges

Tape edges with blue painters tape. Try not to get waves by not stretching tape

Step 3: Resin

  1. Mix resin (I used table top epoxy 50/50 parts 8oz or ea) mix for about 4 minutes, scrape edges and make sure mixed thoroughly
  2. Split resin into 5 smaller cups
  3. add resin pigments-Jacquard Pearl EX Set (Series 3) rose, white, green & gold, leave one cup clear

Step 4: Pouring

Puddle Pour Technique

  1. In the center pour a puddle of clear first and then heat with heat gun
  2. Pour part of blue in center on top of clear
  3. Pour part of pink on blue
  4. Pour part of white on pink
  5. Pour part of gold on white
  6. Pour rest of blue on white
  7. Pour rest of pink on blue
  8. Pour rest of white on pink
  9. Pour rest of green on pink
  10. Pour rest of gold on green
  11. or pour in any order you like

Step 5: Heat and Spread

Heat entire table with heat gun and move around to spread resin out over table

Step 6: Dry

Once you get resin over table in the areas you want let table dry over night.

If the table is not even you can add clear over the top and spread over evenly once the first layer is dry

  1. Make sure to heat so the bubbles pop
  2. Make sure it's completely dry before putting anything on table (48hrs)