Introduction: Restaraunt Style GIANT Super Spuds (McAlister's Copycat)

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Potatoes. Perhaps the biggest and most iconic staple for the American table. What could be better than the humble potato? THE FABULOUS SUPER SPUD! Double wide and loaded down with hearty and delicious toppings, this restaraunt Style loaded baked potato is not just a side dish. It's a centerpiece, a masterpiece, a main course! And it's oh-so-simple. So get your bib on, round up the youngins, and show off your spud smothering skills like you've never shown before.

Step 1: Selecting and Baking the Taters

Start by selecting two equally sized potatoes. Obviously, the bigger the better. Bake them, unwrapped, in the oven for a crispier and sturdier skin.

Carefully remove from oven, being careful not to smash the flesh or tear the skin. Line them up, and cut approximately 2" off one end of each so that they can be pushe d together to create a colossal tater.

Step 2: Plating

After lining the potatoes up to make your SuperSpud, cut each tater in half. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT BEING PERFECT. Toppings will cover it.

Step 3: Load It Down

The final and most fun step is to select your toppings. Let the toppings cover any seams that might show. Cheese is a great way to sort of glue things together.

Pictured is a spud topped with chili, cheese, fried jalapeños, and white onions

Other classics include bacon and cheddar, chuck roast and gravy, and lunch meats.

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